Our Story

Create Art with Our Hearts

Tinkle Arts is a social enterprise that holds arts workshops, events and creates miniature clay art at our humble studio in Singapore. Founded in 2000 by clay artist Charlene, we have evolved from a simple hobby to a prominent social enterprise that serves less-privileged communities. We have taught in more than 100 schools, associations and clubs in Singapore.

Through collaboration with MINDS (Movement of Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) in late 2017, we employ persons with special needs to co-facilitate workshops, events and create beautiful miniature clay art pieces for Tinkle Arts. We currently have 6 special needs employees. Your support helps to promote a more inclusive society and creates sustainable employment for persons with special needs.

We believe in using our clay craft skills to benefit a cause and we hope that you can continue to support us as we grow to serve better. 

Our Services

To aid in your craft hobby, we also sell clay craft materials, miniature dollhouse supplies, and more related products in our online store. We also do: 

Birthday Parties
Individual Workshops
Community Events
Handmade Merchandise
Team Bonding Workshops
Clay Art Training Workshops

    Our Milestones Over the Years


    Nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Awards 


    Featured in “Great Expectations”, a young parenting program produced by Lisa Ang on Channel News Asia. 

    2008 and 2009

    Participated in "Innovate Sculpey” program with Fei Yue Community Services to promote polymer clay craft for the elderly. 


    Collaborated with People’s Association of Singapore to bring clay art interest island wide. A total of 40 community centres and resident committees participated in the program.


    Evolved into a social enterprise and became a member of raISE (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise).